How to Use Xender for Jio Phone and How to Get it

Xender, the best file-sharing app on Playstore, has finally made its way to the Jio app store. But is it any good?  In this article, we will tell you everything about this latest Xender for Jio Phone, the various features, how to use it, and is it worth your attention or not.

The vast majority of people who love the benefits of having a smartphone in their pocket often tend to spend hundreds of dollars each year on smartphones. In a world where $1000 smartphones are becoming common and ever-increasing smartphone prices, the Jio phone offered a new perspective from the other end of the spectrum.

It provides almost all of the essential features of a smartphone at a fraction of the price. At just $20 or rupees 1500, It is the world’s cheapest 4G features phone! The ultra-low price makes it an easy secondary phone of choice. The only downside is that Jio Phones run on KaiOS, which means that it doesn’t support Android or iOS apps and games. However, more and more apps are already being ported to work KaiOS.

Xender for Jio Phone


Jio Phone, which was launched by Reliance in August 2017, so far, didn’t have any file sharing option. Xender has been finally made available on Reliance Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2. Jio mobile users have been long waiting for this app.

Xender is available for some JioPhone users across India and will be made available to the masses after the successful completion of the trials. The KaiOS optimized app will offer standard features such as sending music, images, Videos to android, ios, and pc without any internet.

You can also connect Jio Phones with another KaiOS device.

What is KaiOS?

KaiOS is a Linux based mobile operating system developed by KaiOS  Technologies. The main features of KaiOS are, it supports 4G LTE, VoLTE, GPS, and Wi-Fi with HTML5-based apps. It also offers longer battery life to non-touch devices with an optimized user interface with less memory and energy consumption.


Xender is one of the most popular applications for sharing files from one device to another.
By using the xender app, one can share images, videos, apps, documents between Android, ios, Windows, blackberry even Kios.

Download Xender for Jio Phone

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Xender is currently unavailable in JioPhone AppStore. However, you can download xender for jio phone from here. Click on the download button below to start the download.

NAME Xender FOR KaiOS (Jio Phone)
Downloads 1 Milion +

Xender on jio phone


  • Share any files in any places at any time
  • Absolutely without mobile data usage
  • 200 times faster transfer speeds compared to Bluetooth
  • Supports Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring
  • No need for USB connection and PC software installation
  • The choice of Over 500 Million users
  • Over 100 million files transferred daily
  • Play all music and videos
  • Wifi file transfer master

How to Connect Android phone with Jio phone using Xender

Connecting your android phone with your Jio Phone with xender is a fairly simple process. All you need to do is follow these few steps, and you are all set to share files.

  1. First, open Xender app on your Android device
  2. Tap on the plus button (‘+’) located on the top right in the xender app and select ‘Connect to Jio.’
  3. A new window will open. Click on Create hotspot.
  4. Allow all permission and press setup, and your hotspot will open with a name something like ‘Xender_xxxxx.’
  5. Now in your Jio phone, turn on WiFi. Go to setting> WiFi Setting> Check for available WiFi and connect with the hotspot mentioned earlier.
  6. Once connected, head over to the Xender app on Jio phone and Scan the QR code shown on your android phone.

Done! Now you can share photos, songs, or videos from your Android to your Jio phone.

Currently, Xender for Jio Phone is available only for select Jio Phones users with no words on the official release date. It is not new to Jio Phone users. Earlier last year, Jio announced Google Maps for Jio Phone. However, the app was delayed past its scheduled release date of 15th August and was available to the masses 3-4 months later. That can be a bummer, but luckily, you don’t need Xender for Jio Phone to transfer files. Here is an alternate method.

How to Connect Your Android phone with Jio phone without Xender for Jio Phone

If you cannot download or install xender for jio phone app, you can still connect your jio phone with any android device and share files. The xender app for android has an inbuilt feature that lets jio phone users easily connect with their device to any android phone. The Process is almost the same as discussed earlier, with only a few changes.

  1. Open Xender app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the plus button (‘+’) present on the top right in the app and Tap on ‘Connect to Jio.’
  3. A new window will open. Click on Create hotspot.
  4. Allow all permission required and press setup, and your hotspot will open with a name something like ‘Xender_xxxxx.’
  5. Now tap on the “No xender on Jio Phone?” text located below the displayed QR code. It will give you a web address or URL.
  6. In your Jio Phone, open browser and press the Jio Button and move down using the cursor keys. Select “Go to Top Sites.”
  7. Now type in the displayed URL in the address bar of your Jio Phone browser and search.
  8. On your android phone, there will be a prompt. Select accept.

Now you can send audio, video, or photo from your android to your jio Phone.

How to use Xender on Jio Phone to send files to other KaiOS devices

If you have xender app installed on your Jio Phone, you can share files with other KaiOS devices.

  1. Open Xender on Jio and select Connect to another Kios Device and Select send.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth by clicking set Bluetooth on your Jio Phone and visible to all.
  3. Now go to the other KaiOS device and go to settings.
  4. Go to Bluetooth and turn it on and make it “visible to all.”
  5. Once done, go back to the Jio Phone. Click next and click on Select files.
  6. On the next screen, select the image or music that you want to send.
  7. A new window will pop up on Jio phone. Click on the blue “Search for devices” button. It will search for nearby devices and give you a list. You need to select the KaiOS device from the list.
  8. Pair with the phone by choosing yes in the pairing prompt.
  9. Choose the device you just paired with to send files to it.

Connect KaiOS phones(JioPhone, Nokia) using Xender


Now when all is said and done, let’s have a look at a few reviews.

Xender is the best file sharing app. This app got everything that helps you to connect pc, iPhone, and jio phone. It has no bugs. Connection with other devices compared to the competition is much simpler.

Review by Sahil Singh Pradhan


Xender is one of the offline application which provides a fast and easy way to transfer large and small files to others. It is a very user-friendly application new updated features send to any pc, jio phone easily. I like the app because it saves time. This application has many options like that we can connect more users, and we can share many things. It also has categories like photos, videos, app, and files.

Review by Priyanka Kumari 

The best app to send and receive almost anything offline, and that too offline. We can send any file from one device to another device, whether it is a Jio phone or pc or smartphone to any other medium vice versa.

Review by Abhi Saraf

Xender app is a lifesaver for me. I do travel a lot and occasionally forget my data cable at home. It is super easy to send files with xender. Now xender even works with my jio phone, so I am super happy!

Reviewed by Ayan Ashik


Xender is by far the best file-sharing app on Google Play with the most number of Downloads and millions of happy users. The addition of Xender to the jio app store is, no doubt, a welcome move. As of now, there is no news on the official release date. We will keep you updated through this article about any future development. On the other hand, even without a xender for Jio Phone installed, you can connect your jio Phone with your android device using our guide. You can comment below if you run into any issues.

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