7+ Features of Xender app that Will Blow Your Mind

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You might be familiar with the name Xender. It is an easy-to-use app that lets users share any file wirelessly with other users without any internet connection. This feature alone made xender the most downloaded file-sharing app on the play store. However, xender is not only a file-sharing app. You can do a lot more such as – copy all your data on your phone, easily sorting files, hell, you can even make money with the new xender app! And more! So, today, let’s take a look at the Top 8 Features of the Xender app that You didn’t know about.

Top Xender App Features

1. Use Xender as a File Manager

Xender app lets you easily share files with friends and family. But it can also double as a smart file manager. The feature is super handy, especially for phones running stock android. Now don’t get me wrong; stock android on any phone is excellent. But it lacks a few essential functions such as a dedicated file manager app.

Android 10 is said to include a file management system, but we all know the hard truth of android distribution. You can always install a file manager on your phone, but you don’t need it if you have xender installed on your phone.

The app categorizes all the photos, videos, and apps installed on your phone. Along with that, you get full access to your internal storage and SD card with an accurate status report on actual free space. There are not many apps that can do that(calculating real free space).

Moreover, the app is smart enough to sort files into subcategories such as Documents, EBooks, Archives, APKs even big files like .obb files.

2. True Cross-Platform Support

TRUE CROSS-PLATFORM SUPPORT,features of xender, features of xender app,top 10 features of xender,Xender features

You might have heard about apple air Drop. Airdrop is a system by which devices running on iOS can quickly and effortlessly share files.

It is as simple as keeping the devices close to one another and is by far the best seamless experience you can get to date. However, it is not genuinely Cross-platform as airdrop only works with supported devices running on iOS.

Xender puts an end to all of those issues. Xender supports a variety of operating systems ranging from KiaOS that runs on ultra-budget low-end feature phones to iOS and everything in between.

Furthermore, with xender web, you don’t even need an app to transfer files from your laptop (be it mac, windows, or Linux) to your phone and tablet.

3. App Extractor

Xender app can extract apps installed on your device and send them to other devices. Xender users can use this feature to keep a backup of all apps installed on their phones.

One good example of it will be massive games like PUBG Mobile that require about 2 GB lot of data to download. Even if you have wifi at home, it will take a fair bit of time. Moreover, PUBG Mobile gets updated every few months, and at times players may run into download errors.

With the app extract feature, you can ask a friend to send the game to you through wifi without a single bit of data consumed, and it will be a whole lot quicker than downloading the game. And you will never have to worry about download errors again.

But we should tell you that there is a bit of a trick here. We recommend you to read the article HOW TO UPDATE PUBG MOBILE WITHOUT DOWNLOADING for more details. It should work for any game on android.

4. Apps Updater

As the name suggests, this feature of the Xender app lets you update your apps just by connecting your phone or tablet with another through xender. The app will give you a prompt and will check for outdated versions of apps on your device. If your peer has the updated version of the apps installed, the xender app will get them for you from your peer. All without using data!

Do note that xender will only search for updated apps on the connected peer’s device if the user allows it by tapping accept on the app updater prompt.

5. Group Sharing Files with Xender App

Ever tried to send a file to a group of friends? The file might not be massive, but the process of reconnecting with everyone one by one is excruciating. Xender, unlike a traditional (Bluetooth) connection, lets you share files with a group at once. That also up to 10 people.

All you need to do is create a hotspot with the xender app on your phone, and all your friends can join this peer-to-peer network. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Another bonus is that anyone in the connected devices can send anything to all of the others. No need to reconnect.

6. Clone Your Phone

This feature is present in the xender application for some time now. In this age, when people use multiple smartphones, this comes as a saving grace. You don’t need to do anything manually. The app will take a backup of your phone, including all apps and data. Then it will send it to the recipient through a direct wifi peer-to-peer connection.

The process itself is straightforward. All you need to do is open the app and tap on the plus icon in the top right corner. Choose the copy phone option and choose if the phone you are using is the old (donor) or new (recipient). The app itself will do the rest.

7. Regional Language Support

Do you feel trouble using English? If so, you can use the xender app in your preferred language. Xender is one of the very few apps that are available in more than 40 different languages. What makes it unique is that xender is available in 10 Major Indian languages.

The language settings can be accessed by simply swiping from the left edge of the Xender app home screen.

Bonus: Xender Watch & Earn

features of xender, features of xender app,top 10 features of xender,Xender features,xender

It is the latest and the coolest feature we have talked about yet (we saved the best for the end). Xender launched a “Watch and Earn” feature a little while back. The name speaks for itself. You get paid for watching, downloading, and sharing in-app videos with friends. Visit this link to know more!

There are Hollywood, Bollywood movies, music videos, WebTV and much more so you can watch as your taste. Moreover, some of the movies are entirely new. The watch section is separate from the app.

You have to register yourself with a phone number and verify it with OTP. Similarly, you can log in with Facebook. You get 1 rupee for signing up and 3 rupees for referring to friends. Also, you get Coins for sharing videos on Facebook or simply sharing with friends, downloading, even watching online, and many other daily challenges. 200 coin = 1 rupee.

Once you have earned 30 rupees, you can ask for a payout through PayTM or UPI. You can check the “Me” tab located at the bottom right of the xender app for balance details.

Why Xender launched this initiative?

You might be wondering, “Why is a file-sharing app giving out money?” The answer is simple; xender wants to grow. Streaming services these days have gained some serious attention. Xender is one of the most popular apps in the google play store. That means they have a vast user base, and they are using it to their advantage.

Rather than going head to head with the likes of NetFlix and Hotstar, they are taking a different route by providing users content that is free and benefits the user.

If somehow they succeed, Xender might launch a streaming service on its own. As of now, they are playing safe by prompting users to watch their content and encouraging them to share these with everyone using the xender application. The vast user base will give them a hefty start

One thing I will appreciate is that Even if you are someone who doesn’t want this feature can ignore it. Xender will work just as it was without any ads or issues!


Xender app is no doubt one of the best apps we have ever used. It is fast, fun, and Lets you earn. The core features of the app will always be ad-free, which is fantastic! Additionally, it has all the features discussed above.

And this brings us to the end of this article –Top 7 Features of Xender app That Will Blow Your Mind. Did you know all the features? Yes, No. Let us know in the comments. Also, if you have any queries, feel free to leave them below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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